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Year 4 W.B 18th May


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Busy Ant Maths


Lesson 1 LINK

Lesson 1 Resource 54

Lesson 1 Squared Paper

Lesson 2 LINK

Lesson 2 Square Dot Paper

Lesson 2 Tables (Optional)

Lesson 3 LINK

Lesson 3 Square Dot Paper

Lesson 3 Resource 54

Lesson 4 LINK

Lesson 4 Square Dot Paper

Lesson 4 Table (Optional)

Lesson 5 Task Explanation LINK

Lesson 5 Shape Support LINK

Lesson 5 Isometric Paper LINK


Extension Tasks


Lesson 1 Extension LINK

Lesson 2 Extension LINK

Lesson 3 Extension LINK

Lesson 4 Extension LINK

Lesson 5 Challenge 1 Reasoning Extension LINK

Lesson 5 Challenge 2 Reasoning Extension LINK

Lesson 5 Challenge 3 Reasoning Extension LINK


Loom Video to explain this week’s concepts and tasks.



ANSWERS - please find relevant lesson using top of page for example, U10 W3 L2

Children to complete each challenge Monday to Friday. Once finished, they can complete one of the extension tasks or do 15minutes on Times Table Rockstars or Mathletics. Additional Maths links are also provided on the school website.




















This Loom video provides a lesson for each day which will explain the key concepts and tasks. Children should refer to it daily.

In exercise books or on sheets provided.


1 hour per day

Lesson 1 Comprehension

Lesson 1 Text LINK

Lesson 1 Questions LINK


Lesson 1 and 2 Loom Video


Children to watch the Loom Video and read the poem (or listen to it via the link at the bottom of the text) and  answer the comprehension questions.

Exercise book.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Expanded Noun Phrases LINK


Lesson 1 and 2 Loom Video


Children to watch the second half of the Loom video to learn about expanded noun phrases and then complete the activity explained in the video and on the sheet.

In exercise book or directly onto the sheet provided.

Lesson 3 Planning Sheet

Lesson 3 Planning Sheet LINK

Lesson 3 and 4 Writing Prompt LINK


Loom Video to explain this week’s writing task and planning sheet


Children to use the planning sheet provided to plan their own poem similar to The Magic Box. The Loom video will talk them through the task.

On the planning sheet provided.

Lesson 4 Writing

Lesson 3 and 4 Writing Prompt LINK


Loom Video to explain this week’s writing task and planning sheet


Children to use their plan from yesterday to write their poem. Look at the writing prompt and Loom video from yesterday to help.

In exercise book.

Lesson 5 Final version


Lesson 5 Final Version LINK


Children to complete and then edit their draft poem. Once complete, children should write up their final version on the paper provided.

On paper provided.


2 hour per day



Geography Project LINK


Loom video to explain the Geography project.



Children should use the website link to learn about compass points and then create a map of their garden or a room in their house. They should then hide some ‘treasure’ and create a series of instructions using compass points to help someone find it.

On paper.


Music Project LINK

Bob Marley Get Up Stand Up MP3 LINK

Bob Marley Jamming MP3 LINK

Bob Marley One Love MP3 LINK

Bob Marley Three Little Birds MP3 LINK

Children should listen and appraise the four pieces of music, research Bob Marley and Reggae music and then create a fact file.

On paper.

Additional Resources


Instalment 6 of The Switch.


Instalment 7 of The Switch.


Chapter 7 Narnia


Chapter 8 of Narnia.


Listen to Mrs Hatter read you the next two instalments of The Switch.


Listen to Miss Black read you chapter 7 and 8 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.