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Good morning Year 4,

Hope you are all well.

You have already completed a week's work and we are very proud of you all. Some of you have sent in your work to the email address and we have really enjoyed this. You will now see there is a ' Year 4 Work Submission' form in this area (just look on the left hand side now) where you can upload any work you would like to receive feedback for. You can also comment below with any questions you have for your class teachers. But remember any technical issues still need to be emailed to

Keep up the fantastic work and know that we are very proud of you all.

Mrs Young, Mrs Wagner, Mr Durrant, Mrs Fares, Mrs Hatter, Miss Black and Mrs Okuma

  • Elizabeth Smith(Rebecca's mum) 10 months ago
    spellodrome has not updated with the spellings for this week. Should they be there?
  • Mrs Young 10 months ago
    Thank you for your feedback. The Year 4 children have completed all of their Spring Term spelling lists so I have now given them access to all of the words they have learnt so far. It would be great if they could revise these over the Easter break and I will then start setting new lists next term. Keep up the great work.
  • Jarvis Gray 8 months ago
    We are coming to the end of our exercise book. Are there any ore available or should we order online? Thanks
  • Year 4 teachers 8 months ago
    Hello Year 4, Thank you so much for all of the lovely work that you have been submitting this week. We particularly enjoyed some of the jokes you created using HTML code; they really made us laugh. We can see that you have been working really hard and are very proud of you all. As it is the Easter holidays next week, we will be setting some exciting challenges for you to get involved in called SFS Challenge. These activities will be announced via email and twitter and we would love to see some of your efforts using #SFSchallenge. Don’t forget, two new features have been added to the Year 4 area on the website: 1. Year 4 Forum: If you have any questions, you can ask your teachers directly in the forum and we’ll do our best to help. 2. Year 4 Work Submission: If you would like to share a piece of your best work with your teacher, take a photo or scan you work and upload it to the website. We would love to see what you have done and give you some feedback. Take care and we hope you all have a lovely Easter, Mrs Young, Mrs Wagner, Mr Durrant, Mrs Fares, Mrs Hatter, Miss Black and Mrs Okuma
  • Jinny 8 months ago
    Hi, we can't get onto this week's work - the link seems to be broken
  • Leo Barton 7 months ago
    Hi Year 4 teachers. Just showed Leo the cover page for Year 4 Children's area and he had the biggest smile seeing all your faces and reading your miss you message. It's the little things.... Thought you'd like to know you added some cheer this morning.
  • Nicky Mulberry 7 months ago
    Thank you Year 4 teachers. All the Mulberry girls were so happy and excited to see the pictures of all of you all and your message. They all miss you too.
  • Angie Mehew 7 months ago
    Hi there Re: Maths lesson Link 3 sheet w/c27th April I would really appreciate a loom video from a teacher please explaining long division and long multiplication. My explanations are not working with Elliot!! Thanks.
  • Laura Hilson 7 months ago
  • Mrs Young 7 months ago
    Thank you so much to all of the children that attended their class assembly this morning. It was wonderful to see you all looking so happy and to hear about all of the exciting things you have been doing. Next week we would like you to bring along, or be ready to talk about, something that you are really proud of. This could be something that you have drawn or made, a piece of work, a plant you have grown or even a new skill you have mastered. We'll see you at the same time next week! From, The Year 4 Team
  • Caroline Young 7 months ago
    It would be lovely to see as many Year 4 children as possible entering the competition below. Lets get creative! Thank you NHS poster Competition Show your thanks to our NHS service by making a poster for our front line workers. Your poster can be any size or shape, just have fun making it! Please include your name, age, class and school. How to enter? Please email a photo of your poster to by Friday 29 May 2020.
  • Jinny Sheffield 7 months ago
    The 4J assembly is awesome, well done!
  • Sophie Tisdall 7 months ago
    Home schooling I'm sure has different challenges for everyone. The biggest challenge in our house is school work motivation & stamina and I was wondering if a two minute, one to one chat with the class teacher, to offer guidance and motivation for the school work would be possible. I understand this is a huge ask but the Tisdall household would benefit greatly from a motivational nudge from Mr Durrant.
  • Jinny Sheffield 7 months ago
    Hi, Is there any way we can get the answers for the grammar colouring in sheet in lesson 2? We are really struggling with this task. Thanks, Jinny
  • Caroline Webb 7 months ago
    Hands up I had to google to support completing the grammar colouring today! Could you pls confirm the answers? thanks
  • Hazel Kenyon 7 months ago
    Thanks Mrs Young.
  • Mary Barton 7 months ago
    Good morning. Please may the spellings be accessible beyond the week's assessment? Either to remain on Spellodrome or be included with the resource links? Thank you very much.
  • Mrs Young 7 months ago
    Thank you for your feedback regarding the spelling lists. I have now made last week's and this week's spellings available on Spellodrome for you. I hope that helps.
  • Sarah Sitwell 7 months ago
    HI Hope you are well? Thank you for the loom video on Long Multiplication, please could we have one explaining long division. We are struggling with one of the challenges. Thanks Sarah & Louis
  • Mrs Hatter 7 months ago
    Good Afternoon! I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful sunshine as well as doing your fantastic work! I realised I didn't let 4H know what we wanted you to bring in for the next assembly - if you could bring in something relating to nature . It could be a picture you have drawn of nature, a piece of writing, something you've found or something you've grown! I hope you are all having a good day, Mrs Hatter.
  • Annabelle Hilson 6 months ago
    Hello, the isometric grid has no right angles on it, so am I right in thinking you can't colour right angle shapes or scalene triangle on it? Or are you allowed to add lines to the grid yourself?
  • Kirstin Covington 6 months ago
    I third the request for the answers to the grammar colouring sheet - some of the words seemed to fit into more than one category. Many thanks!
  • Hazel Kenyon 6 months ago
    Please could we have the answers for Lesson 2 Grammar? and any guidance notes or examples for adverbs, propositions etc would also be very welcome! (Ha! Just read above - I'm not the only one) Thanks Hazel
  • Mrs Young 6 months ago
    Thank you for your feedback regarding the grammar activity yesterday. There is now an answer sheet posted alongside this week's work on the school website. I hope that help.
  • Hazel Kenyon 6 months ago
    If there are many more busy any maths sheets to come, is it worth purchasing the book? Is this the one? Busy Ant book 4A: Thanks, Hazel
  • Laura Hilson-Pater 5 months ago
    Please could we have the answers to the "matching" sheet Friday 19 June Maths? We think we are left with 2/3 and 0.6 and they don't really match, as it would be 0.666. The loom was really helpful but some of them were tricky to do. e.g. 1/8 how to make that into ?/100 etc. We used cutting up a pizza as an example (in quarters, then in eights, so Annabelle knew that half a quarter is an eight and that a quarter of 100 is 25 and therefore half of 25. Pretty hard maths!
  • Caithlin Owen 5 months ago
    A number weeks year 4 extension question sheets link to the full answer sheets .
  • Laura Hilson 5 months ago
    Hello, thank you so much for putting up the answers to the Maths extension, however it seems that the extension tasks are also the answers this week, i.e. I can't see all of the extension tasks. I am sure your are on it, but just in case I thought I'd point it out.
  • Fiona Lee 5 months ago
    Very many thanks for putting up the answers to the extensions. It's much appreciated. It looks like you've accidentally uploaded some of the answer sheets instead of the actual question sheets for this week though (See Extensions 2, 3 and 5 I think). Thanks!
  • Mrs Blake 5 months ago
    Apologies for the mix up with extension tasks this week. The links will now take you to the correct tasks. Mrs Blake
  • Laura Hilson 5 months ago
    hello, Friday's Lesson 5 Maths, does not seem to tally at all with the Loom Video for Lesson 5 and we are not sure what to do with the printed version (We don't get it) so a Loom would be good for that.
  • Emma Fuller 4 months ago
    Thank you very much to all the Year 4 Staff. Thanks for the looms, the assemblies, the play sessions etc. You've had so much going on, as well as teaching other bubbles no doubt. We hope you can get a good rest this summer. We hope and pray to see you safe and well - AND IN PERSON - in September :)
  • Mrs Young 2 months ago
    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Maths books. We will be using the Busy Ants scheme each week up until the end of the year however we are currently working from book 4C. We will continue to provide scanned copies of the relevant pages but you are of course welcome to purchase the book if this is easier for you. The link you provided looks like the same book (front cover is identical) but i'm afraid I can't guarantee they are exactly the same.
  • Mrs Young 2 months ago
    Thank you a fantastic assembly today. It is wonderful to see everyone looking so happy. For anyone who was unable to attend their class assembly today, we have asked the children to submit a photograph of when they were a baby or young child ready for next week's assembly. Each class teacher will then share the photographs and we will be asking the children to guess who they think it is so they will need to have paper and a pencil nearby. This links into the children's PSHE task next week which is all about human growth and development and hopefully should be lots of fun.
  • Fiona Lee 3 weeks ago
    Would it be possible to give us the methods and answers for the maths extensions each week too? It would be really helpful. Many thanks. Fiona and Cillian

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