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The World of Work and Wealth Creation

South Farnham has launched its Bright Futures - World of Work and Wealth Creation programme.

The school believes that there is much to be done to promote these concepts with primary-age children. To this end a programme has been developed to foster an understanding in pupils of the role of the contributing adult in society; also that the movement from school to higher education to the workplace is a developmental path during which there will be many influences and decisions affecting the course of future life. Also some appreciation of how the hopes and dreams and aspirations of childhood and youth can find their fruition in a very wide range of career options and fulfilled lifestyles.

The school feels that it is very important that the children make well-informed choices. One way is for them to experience a range of positive role-models; people who contribute to the wealth creation in society in many different ways. The wealth may be the economic contributions in workplace terms but also, very importantly, the social wealth created by many adults who may be based at home as carers or active in voluntary roles in the community.

If you would like to be involved with this programme and can spare an hour to talk to the children please contact the school's office to arrange a suitable time.

All children will experience twelve visits from a range of adults during their four years at South Farnham.

Bright Futures links well with the DfE 14-19 Strategy which places emphasis on the closer relationship between formal education and the world of work. Sir Digby Jones of the CBI sent his good wishes for the programme's launch and there were representatives present from Surrey LA and Surrey Business Link.

South Farnham envisage this initiative as the beginning of a programme which could be of benefit to children in all primary schools. A way of catching a glimpse of wonderful opportunities and challenges within the future world of work and wealth creation and of nurturing an understanding that, young as they are, the journey has already begun.

South Farnham School