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Year 2 W.B 1st June

W/C 01.06.20


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Busy Ant Maths

Maths 1

Monday LOOM

Maths 2

Tuesday LOOM

Maths 3

Wednesday LOOM

Maths 4

Maths 5


Children to answer questions. If they have completed their challenge, they can progress onto additional activities or games on mathletics or the suggested links.

Directly onto sheet or in exercise book






1 hour per day

Lessons 1

Lesson 1 Story

Read the story and act out the parts, discussing how the characters feel. 


Lesson 2 Grammar / Spelling

Grammar Lesson 2

Spelling Lesson 2

Children to complete the grammar / spelling activity.

Directly onto sheet or in exercise book.

Lesson 3 Planning

Story Planner

Please watch the loom video for lessons 3 – 5.



Directly onto sheet or in exercise book.

 Lesson 4 and 5

Lesson 4 and 5 Writing Paper

Directly onto sheet or in exercise book.

Foundation Subjects



Geography sheet 1

Geography sheet 2


Please watch the loom video.



Project – book or paper.



R.E. comic strip paper option 1

R.E. comic strip paper option 2


Discuss which different religious books we have learnt about. Which other religious books do you know of?


In the Bible it explains the way Christians believe the world was created.

Watch Creation Video:

Why do Christians think that the world is a place of wonder based on the story?


Task: Create a step by step comic strip drawing of the creation story.


Directly onto sheet or create your own on plain paper.