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Year 4 W.B 11th May


Minimum expectation of time spent

Work set

Details of work set

How should this be completed?




1 hour per day

Busy Ant Maths

Lesson 1  LINK

Lesson 1 Extra Practise LINK

Lesson 2  LINK

Lesson 3  LINK

Lesson 4  LINK

Lesson 5  Task Explanation LINK

Lesson 5 Task Recording Sheet LINK

Lesson 5 Dice to make LINK


Extension Tasks

Lesson 1 Extension LINK

Lesson 2 Extension LINK

Lesson 3 Extension LINK

Lesson 4 Extension LINK


Formal Written Multiplication Loom Video



ANSWERS - please find relevant lesson using top of page for example, U10 W3 L2

Children to complete each challenge Monday to Friday Once finished, they can complete one of the extension tasks or do 15minutes on Times Table Rockstars. Additional Maths links are also provided on the school website.







This Loom video will explain the method for formal written multiplication. Children will need to refer to it throughout the week.



In exercise books or on sheets provided.


1 hour per day




Lesson 1 Comprehension


Lesson 1 Text and Questions LINK


Children to watch the video link from the sheet as an introduction to persuasive writing, read the texts and finally answer the comprehension questions.

Exercise book.

Lesson 2 Persuasive Techniques


Lesson 2 Rhino Fact Sheet 1 LINK

Lesson 2 Rhino Fact Sheet 2 LINK


Loom video to explain persuasive writing techniques.


Children to watch the Loom video to learn about persuasive techniques and then read the information about Rhinos. Children should then create their own persuasive sentences about Rhinos using the techniques and ideas discussed.

Exercise book.

Lesson 3 Planning Sheet


Lesson 3 Planning Sheet LINK


Loom Video to explain this week’s writing task.


Children to plan a persuasive letter explaining what is happening to rhinos and why they should be saved.  The Loom video will talk you through this task.

On the planning sheet provided.

Lesson 4 Writing


Lesson 4 Rhino prompt sheet LINK


Children to use their plan from yesterday to write their Letter. Look at the writing prompt for an idea of how to start.

Exercise book.

Lesson 5 Final version


Lesson 5 Final Version LINK


Children to complete and then edit their draft letter. Once complete, children should write up their final version on the paper provided.

On paper provided.


2 hour per day



RE Task Guidance LINK

RE Task Sheet LINK


Loom video to explain the 5Ks and this week’s RE task.


Children should watch the BBC clip and Loom video to learn about the 5Ks in Sikhism and then complete the task sheet.

On sheet provided.



History Task Guidance LINK

History Task Sheet LINK


Loom Video to explain Viking Gods and this week’s History Task.



Children should watch the BBC clip and Loom video to learn about Viking Gods and then either create their own Viking God or create their own image of one that already exists and explain their drawing using the prompts on the task sheet.

On sheet provided.

Additional Resources


Chapter 5 of Narnia



Chapter 6 of Narnia


Listen to Miss Black read you chapter 5 and 6 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Optional Extras




It’s Local History Month so why not look into the near and distant past of the area you live? That could be your house, a significant building or place or the nearest town/village. Be creative in how you present your research – you could interview local people (at a safe distance), use online archives or be a history detective and see what you can see!


Postcards from the Past Competition

Using the template, write a postcard to yourself from a point in history. Tell them what’s going on, what might happen next and how amazing the experience is. Here’s a few ideas – Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation; the original VE day in 1945; The end of the Battle of Bosworth.