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Good morning Year 3,

Hope you are all well.

You have already completed a week's work and we are very proud of you all. Some of you have sent in your work to the email address and we have really enjoyed this. You will now see there is a ' Year 3 Work Submission' form in this area (just look on the left hand side now) where you can upload any work you would like to receive feedback for. You can also comment below with any questions you have for your class teachers. But remember any technical issues still need to be emailed to

Keep up the fantastic work and know that we are very proud of you all.

Ms Mills, Mr Pedace, Miss Pascall, Mr Fitzgerald and Mrs Abdul-Salam

  • Charmaine 7 months ago
    Good morning everybody,on challenge three part two you can only do two of the snakes. I don’t know that if there are two only that equal to one fourth? Is it should be in the 4 times table that equal to one fourth?
  • Mr Fitzgerald 7 months ago
    Good morning Charmaine! Challenge 3 is asking you to find fractions that are equivalent to 1/4. You are correct that the denominator must be a multiple of 4 - you then need to consider what the numerator would be as you increase the denominator by 4 each time. For example: Your first snake would be showing 1/4. Your second snake would be showing 2/8 and your third snake would need to show 3/12. Can you carry on the pattern? I hope you find this helpful! Mr Fitzgerald
  • Ms Mills 7 months ago
    FARNHAM IN BLOOM COMPETITION! Lets get creative! Show your thanks to our NHS service by making a poster for our front line workers. Your poster can be any size or shape, just have fun making it! Please include your name, age, class and school. How to enter? Please email a photo of your poster to by Friday 29 May 2020. It would be lovely to see lots of Year 3 competition entries. Let's get designing!
  • Charmaine 7 months ago
    Hi I just want to know there is only one adjective in today’s English in the text. Thank you
  • Yvonne Cocker 7 months ago
    Hello! Thank you for the work for this week :) Rory was just going to listen to the music tracks while he has lunch, but we think that Track B has been uploaded twice and we are missing Track C? If you could please check that would be great. Also, we aren't sure if we are missing something for Activity 2 as there doesn't seem to be anything available to download/click on. Thanks so much! Yvonne & Rory
  • Ms Mills 7 months ago
    Hi Charmaine, If you read the last sentence of the first column again carefully, you will see that there are actually two adjectives used to describe Mr Fox's face. Let me know if you need anymore help.
  • Ms Mills 7 months ago
    Hi Yvonne. Thank you so much for drawing our attention to this. There is no sheet required for Activity 2 but a 'Task Outline' sheet should have been uploaded that explains all three tasks. We will get this sorted for tomorrow. Thank you again!
  • Claire Levens 7 months ago
    Hello, just been reading ahead for Wednesday, as I loved Fantastic Mr Fox! Anyway, I think the word bank may be missing - please could you check and upload it or direct me to it? The task sheet mentions it, but I can't find it. Many thanks Claire
  • Charmaine 6 months ago
    Good morning everybody, on challenge 2 part 1I already have folded the five strips of paper but I don't have space to stick it in,because I didn't start on a new page ,because there were still a lot of space left Where shall I stick it ?
  • Mr Fitzgerald 6 months ago
    Hello Charmaine - I would suggest that you start a new page for your fraction wall so that it is neat and clear. Don't worry about the space that you have left, perhaps you could start tomorrow's lesson in that unused space if you are conscious of being environmentally friendly? As long as it's neat and clear, you will have been successful. Mr Fitzgerald
  • Ms Mills 6 months ago
    Hi Claire, Thank you for spotting this! I will make sure that it's uploaded in time for tomorrow's lesson.
  • Daniel Hamlet 6 months ago
    Hi, We can’t get into Loom to listen to the story of Wild Robot this week. It’s asking for email etc. Please could you have a look at this, Thanks Sarah and Daniel
  • Daniel Hamlet 6 months ago
    Hi, Daniel can’t get onto Zoom to listen to The Wild Robot Escapes this week as the connection to zoom isn’t working. Please can you check it, thanks Sarah and Daniel
  • Ms Mills 6 months ago
    Hi Sarah and Daniel. Thanks for letting me know. The correct link will hopefully be up and running by tomorrow so you will be able to listen to it later this week. Sorry about that!
  • Stacey Baird 6 months ago
    Thank you for the music foundation this week! It seems there’s no Activity 2 info, can you help please? 🤔 from Stacey and Ella
  • Ms Mills 6 months ago
    The 3M class reader link has been sorted more quickly that I thought - you should now be able to access Chapters 7-11 of the Wild Robot Escapes. Please let me know if you have any further issues.
  • pru 6 months ago
    Hi there, Please can we have some direction where to find information about 'Who discovered Reflective materials' and 'how it is made'? We are really struggling to find this information online and can’t move onto the next task without it. If a year 3 teacher could come back to us as soon as possible we would really appreciate it. Thank you,
  • Ms Mills 6 months ago
    Hi Pru, We have just made some amendments to this week's Science task. The revised version will be uploaded to the website and hopefully it will make things clearer. Please let me know if there's anymore we can do to help.
  • Ms Mills 6 months ago
    Hi Stacey and Ella. You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy this week's music tasks. Activity 2 doesn't involve any writing, so there is no separate resource. However if you click on "Task outline" at the top, you will open a pdf that explains all the activities. Hope that helps!
  • Claire Levens 4 months ago
    Thank you all so much for all you are doing. It makes a real difference Please could you advise additional resources for children who are really struggling with spelling? Could we have a chat about it please? thanks Claire
  • Ms Mills 4 months ago
    Good afternoon! You’re very welcome – I’m so pleased to hear it’s making a difference. Regarding the spelling, do they require additional support for learning this week’s homophones, or with spelling more generally? Sometimes writing and practising spellings in different ways can help children to remember them more easily. We will upload an extra document to the table of work that contains a few ideas about how to learn spellings in different (and hopefully fun!) ways. I hope it’s useful. Ms Mills
  • Natalie George 4 months ago
    Morning, we are having trouble logging onto Mathletics - it is not recognising our username and password. Is this a problem anyone else is having? Many thanks Natalie (Joseph Harriman's mum)
  • Charmaine 4 months ago
    Hello everybody Do you write anything in your books in this maths lesson ? Thank you
  • Ms Mills 4 months ago
    Good morning, Charmaine. It's up to you. If you would like to complete all of this week's work on the squared paper so that it's all in one place, that's fine with us!
  • Ms Mills 4 months ago
    Hi Natalie, Thank you for your message. I have just tried logging into Mathletics using Joseph's username and password. It seems to be working ok. I have asked at school and they haven't had any other reports of this today. Hopefully it is working for you now as well, but please let us know if you are still having difficulties. Thank you.
  • Natalie 4 months ago
    Thank you Mrs Mills, we’re all good now on Mathletics, have been having a few issues with our iPad so I think it must have been that rather than the website. Thanks so much for checking!
  • Michelle Birchwood 4 months ago
    Hello, Not sure if this forum is still being monitored? If so, please can you assist me in getting the password for Timestables rockstars for Angelica Birchwood. She left her homework folder with the p/w on in her class 3P. Thank you
  • Year 3 teachers 3 months ago
    Hello Year 3! We would like to say a very big well done to you all - you have completed your second week of home learning and it is time for the Easter holidays! Don’t forget, two new features have been added to the Year 3 area on the website: 1. Year 3 Forum: If you have any questions, you can ask your teachers directly in the forum and we’ll do our best to get back to you quickly. 2. Year 3 Work Submission: If you would like to share a piece of your best work with your teacher, don’t forget to take a photo and upload it to the website. We would love to see your work and will send you some feedback. During the holidays, we would also encourage you to take part in the SFS Challenge. The teachers will be setting a variety of exciting activities for you to have a go at; they might help you learn something new or simply help to bring a smile to your face! The challenges will be announced via email and Twitter and you can share your efforts using #SFSchallenge. Even the teachers will be getting involved so keep your eyes peeled! We look forward to seeing what you have been getting up to. Happy Easter Holidays! From Ms Mills, Mr Pedace, Miss Pascall, Mr Fitzgerald and Mrs Abdul-Salam
  • Charmaine 3 months ago
    Good afternoon everybody, On today's English lesson do I need to answer the before reading the book questions?
  • Caroline Parker 3 months ago
    Good afternoon! First of all, thank you for all the structure and resources you are providing. I just had a few queries which perhaps are specific to me :) We are finding a huge fluctuation in the level of maths set. Today (20th) was very basic and previous days have been far past Jessica's ability. Is it possible to also have answer sheets for the maths set? Sometimes it has been the interpretation of the question that has thrown me not the actual task itself :-) Finally, I am sure there may be good reason but is there a chance that the videos you send in, for example reading a story , could be an actual video of the classroom teacher? I think many children would be more receptive if they could see you :-) Thank you so much for all you are doing, best wishes
  • Charmaine 3 months ago
    On English I don't know where is the blurb?
  • Mr Fitzgerald 3 months ago
    Hello Charmaine - Don't worry if you have already read the text, you can just skip the 'before the text questions' as you don't have a physical copy of the book. The blurb is the short summary on the back of a book that is there to persuade you to purchase or read the book. However, the blurb doesn't appear to be in the scanned copy of the text, so don't worry about this part either. I hope that you have enjoyed answering the rest of the questions and I'd love to read your responses as a work submission! Keep up the great work Charmaine, Mr Fitzgerald.
  • Max Reddy 3 months ago
    Hello, I hope everyone has had a good break and managed to enjoy the sun. Could you tell me where to find resource 43. Thanks, Miranda and Max
  • Laura Eeles 3 months ago
    Hi all Quick question on the maths extension for tomorrow - the question on Jack's book - "The page numbers have a total of 555 digits, How many pages has the book?" I don't really understand the question; do they have to add up the page numbers until they get to 555 (ie. 1+ 2+ 3 + 4 etc) or count up that a single digit page number is 1 digit, so 10 pages have 10 digits; double digit page numbers have 2 digits so the numbers 11-20 have 20 digits etc? Any further explanation would be really helpful! Thanks Laura
  • Mr Fitzgerald 3 months ago
    Hello Max - Great to hear from you, I think we most certainly all made good use of the weather across the Easter break, we hope that you did too! Resource 43 just refers to some template number lines that some children might occasionally use in class. Drawing a straight line with a ruler and pencil should be absolutely fine for this task. Keep up the good work Max, Mr Fitzgerald.
  • Yvonne Cocker 3 months ago
    Thank you all for the work you have provided so far. We really appreciate it and it is good to have the normality of school work at this time. Would you possibly be able to share the working out for today's Maths extension problem? I have found the answers online but I am not sure I understand the question properly and therefore cannot explain to Rory. Thanks so much, Yvonne
  • Yvonne Cocker 3 months ago
    A bit more research and I have found an explanation, so please ignore my query! Yvonne
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Miranda and Max, Lovely to hear from you. I'm so sorry for the oversight. We will aim to get Resource 43 uploaded to the website today. However, if you are keen to get started now, then drawing your own blank numberlines will suffice for this task. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Laura, I agree it's phrased in a slightly confusing way. It means that, in total, there are 555 digits used to make all the page numbers. On pages 1-9 there is only one digit per page so 9 digits, but on pages 10-99 there are two digits in each page number, so 10-99 = 90 pages. 90 x 2 = 180 digits. Then on pages 100-199 there are three digits on each page etc. I hope this helps!
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Resource 43 for today's maths lesson has now been added to the label of the work under 'Lesson 2 Resource'.
  • Laura Eeles 3 months ago
    Perfect, thanks for the explanation Mrs Mills!
  • Mrs Stevens (Lucia) 3 months ago
    Good Morning Mr Fitzgerald, I am not sure whether you are aware but Mathletics seems to be playing up lately. Lucia had trouble with it yesterday, however after re logging out and logging back in several times, her work eventually appeared and she completed some. We have tried to log in again today to complete some more tasks and there is no work showing on there again (everything is blank). I have also tried this on her older sisters account and another device and it is exactly the same, so would appreciate if you could note that it is not working properly. Many thanks, Holly Stevens
  • LINDA AND OLIVIA 3 months ago
    Could you please give us the password to access the Present Perfect Tense video for English class 2 this week (in loom) Thanks Olivia
  • Miss Pascall 3 months ago
    Hi Olivia, if you have a look at the home learning booklet that you were emailed right at the start of home learning, you'll find the password in there - it's the same for all the videos. I hope that helps! Miss Pascall
  • Mr Fitzgerald 3 months ago
    Good afternoon Mrs Stevens - I hope all is well at home. Thank you for bringing this issue with Mathletics to our attention. I have checked the system on our end and there should be five tasks set which are due on Monday 27th May - these are: Missing Numbers 2, Partition and Rename 1, Pick the Next Number, Place Value Partitioning, Place Value to Thousands. I have logged in as Lucia and they are now appearing in the 'Activities assigned to you' section at the top - hopefully will appear on Lucia's device too. Thank you again for letting us know and I hope that Lucia's enjoying our remote learning tasks. Mr Fitzgerald.
  • Nick Wilson 3 months ago
    Good morning - thank you for all you are doing to keep some structure to Year 3's lives! On today's Maths questions it says Resources 44 and 45 are needed (101-200 number square and 201-500 number square). Are these on the website somewhere or will they be loaded please? Also more generally, it would be great to have more of the Loom videos explaining the concepts the children should be working on. There were some really useful ones on fractions before Easter, so any more like this would be great! Thank you.
  • Charmaine 3 months ago
    Good morning everybody I don't know what to start the sentence with. Thank you
  • olivia stephens 3 months ago
    Hello Miss Pascall and all year 3 teachers I hope you are well thank you for telling me were I can find the password to the videos and those pictures of all of you were fantastic :>.
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Olivia, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! You should now be able to view all our Loom videos without needing a password. Please let me know which video you're struggling to watch.
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Mr Wilson, Thank you for your message. Resources 44 and 45 were uploaded to the website this morning under 'Lesson 4 Resource 1' and 'Lesson 4 Resource 2'. I hope you found them in time. I'm so glad the Loom videos have been helpful - there will be more on the way to support next week's Maths learning.
  • Annabel Cook 3 months ago
    Thank you for all your hard work year 3 teachers! I just wondered whether you plan to add a new list of spellings to Spellodrome? Unless I am mistaken, the latest one is "spring 12 group 2". Many thanks, Annabel
  • Mr Fitzgerald 3 months ago
    Hi Annabel, I have updated the Spellodrome lists to show a Summer 1 spellings list featuring words with the -dge ending. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Mr Fitzgerald
  • Claire Levens 3 months ago
    Morning, the loom video on today's English isn't working, please can you re-load it? Many thanks Claire
  • Natalie George 3 months ago
    Morning, we can’t open the loom video for the Maths lesson either. Many thanks, Natalie.
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Claire and Natalie, I'm afraid the issues with Loom this morning were out of our control. Apologies for the inconvenience. Having just checked again, I am now able to log in and they seem to be up and running properly again. Please try the links once more and let me know if they're still not working. Thank you.
  • Laura Eeles 3 months ago
    Hi do you have any advice for how to complete extension 1 on the maths this week? I am struggling to explain to Dylan how you would find the solutions so any suggestions would be gratefully received! Thanks
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Laura. Yes, lots of reasoning about place value involved in this one. I'd present these as puzzles to solve and encourage him to start by filling in the digits he can reason about with certainty. Looking at question 2 (70__ - __ 9 __ = 5) I would ask: if the hundreds digit of the first number is 7, the tens digit of the second number is 9 and we know the overall difference is only 5, then what will the hundreds digit of the second number be? (70__ - 69 __ = 5.) There are then a number of possible answers when it comes to filling in the ones digits. The answer will be correct as long as the overall difference is 5 (e.g. 703 - 698 = 5 or 701 - 696 = 5). For the questions later, where there are more gaps, there will be many possible answers but he should start by completing the parts he can be sure of. Question d for example: __ __ __ - __ 87 = 18. I would suggest starting with 87 + 18 to work out the tens and ones digits for the first number. 87 + 18 = 105 so the tens digit must be 0 and the ones digits is 5: __ 05 - __ 87 = 18. The hundreds digits can then be filled in with any two consecutive digits to create a difference of 18. (e.g. 605 - 587 = 18 or 805 - 787 = 18.) I hope this is helpful/makes sense!
  • Charmaine 3 months ago
    Hi everybody good morning, I nearly finished my whole book so what shall I do ? Shall I get one from my house or shall I get from the school office? Lots of love from Charmaine. Thank you and keep safe.
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hello, Charmaine! If you have a suitable exercise book or notebook at home, then you can use that. There should still be some home learning books available in the school office if you can't find anything appropriate though. It's up to you!
  • Rhiannon 3 months ago
    Hi The loom for maths year 3 for lesson 5 doesn’t seem to work. Thanks Rhiannon
  • Ella 3 months ago
    Hi 👋 mr Fitzgerald on scratch we had to do a video because it didn’t save to my computer 💻 and I had to do it again. How did you do it
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Good afternoon, Year 3. Well done for another great week. We have so enjoyed seeing all the submissions you have uploaded to the school website. You are enjoying your home learning in such a wide variety of ways and we feel very proud of you all. We hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to seeing again next Thursday in our class assemblies. From Mr Pedace, Mr Fitzgerald, Ms Mills and Miss Pascall.
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hello Year 3, Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). Tuesday 8th May 1945 is remembered and celebrated because it marked the end of World War II in Europe. Unfortunately, this year the events planned to commemorate this day have had to be cancelled. However, if you would like to find out more, we have included some activities in the Children's Area of the website. You can also follow the link below and click on the KS2 resource to find some fun and informative activities that will help you learn more about this important day in history. You can also listen to people telling stories and sharing their memories of the Second World War and VE Day.,6UQHD,17IIIU,RHJIX,1 We hope you have a lovely weekend. From the Year 3 Teachers
  • vicky everett 3 months ago
    Hello, Would you be able to send some times tables grids through? We're getting a bit rusty! Many thanks, Vicky
  • Mr Fitzgerald 3 months ago
    Good morning Mrs Everett - I hope everything is well at home! We have posted some additional times tables resources here: which includes an Excel document containing the SFS Times Tables Grids. I'd also encourage use of Times Tables Rockstars if you're not using that already - TT Rockstars will respond to the users current level and adjusts the difficulty when they are ready to move on which can help to rebuild some confidence if the rustiness has set in lots! Good luck and I hope that these additional resources are useful! Mr Fitzgerald
  • Kate Hutchings 3 months ago
    Good morning! We’ve been looking at the letter writing task and can’t seem to see the loom video for lesson 3. The one in that box links to the grammar video. Would it be possible to upload the planning one please? (Evie is really enjoying this task so far, she’s excited that they might all persuade Mrs Donnachie to get a climbing wall!!) Many thanks, Kate
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Vicky. Yes of course. We will aim to get some uploaded to the website by the end of the week.
  • Ms Mills 3 months ago
    Hi Kate, so please to hear Evie is excited about this week's writing task. We realised the error with LOOM video links yesterday and amended them. Hopefully you now have access to the correct video? Please let me know if you have any further problems. Enjoy!
  • Charmaine 2 months ago
    Hi everybody, do you have to do activity one first or you can choose which one for English today?
  • Ms Mills 2 months ago
    Hi Charmaine. You can choose which of the two activities to do today. I suggest doing Activity 2 if you're feeling confident.
  • Charmaine 2 months ago
    Hi I just wanted to know that for our draft today is it in 1 2 or 3 person.What person shall we write in.
  • Ms Mills 2 months ago
    Hi Charmaine, you can choose but I would recommend choosing first or third person, not second.
  • Ms Mills 2 months ago
    Well done on another great week Year 3. We thoroughly enjoyed reading about all your ideas for some new school playground equipment - so many fantastic designs! We wish we could make all of them a reality! We hope you have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you in our class assemblies after half term. From Ms Mills, Miss Pascall, Mr Pedace and Mr Fitzgerald
  • Charmaine 2 months ago
    hi everybody i dont know how to sign in to scratch and i dont know the username or the password thank you
  • Charmaine 2 months ago
    hi again, on scratch i dont know how to make the ssound that the penguins make.
  • Mr Fitzgerald 2 months ago
    Good afternoon Charmaine - you do not need to sign into Scratch to be able to start creating your projects. If you would like to create a Scratch account you should speak to your adults at home about this first. There are some instructions at the end of the Loom video about how to save your project to your computer and then load it again - you can do this without a Scratch account. I hope all is well and that you are enjoying the tasks we have set. Mr Fitzgerald.
  • Miss Pascall 2 months ago
    Hi Charmaine, if you have a look at the Scratch prompt sheet that is on the table of work for this week, you will find all of the information you need. You don't need a username or password - you can just click on 'Start Creating' when you get to the website. The website link is but if you have a look at the prompt sheet, you will be able to follow the instructions. Have fun!
  • Charmaine 2 months ago
    Hi in today's English on page 19 I don't know where is the name of Hiccups father. Thank you.
  • Charmaine 1 month ago
    Hi on today's maths in our books do we have to do a margin because it is a number line or shall i just turn my book around? Thank you
  • Charmaine 1 month ago
    Hi I just wanted to know for today’s English the dragon I drew can I colour it in? Thank you
  • Olivia Stephens 1 month ago
    I am having trouble concentrating can you give me some tips?
  • Madhavi ago
    Good Morning! Thank you all so much for all the support for home learning. The loom videos are so much useful. Can we still access all the weekly works in the summer holidays or will it be removed once the term is finished? Hitesh has missed doing few weeks of work so it would be very helpful if we can still access the work so we will catch up the missed ones over holidays. Thanks
  • Ms Mills ago
    Hi Charmaine, At the top of page 19, it doesn't tell you what his father's name is, but it does tell you something else about him. It says Hiccup is the son of __________. I hope that helps!
  • Miranda Mears ago
    Message for Mr Fitzgerald. Hi, I dropped off Max’s exercise book sometime before half term. I wondered if you had had a chance to look at it yet. Thanks so much for all your hard continued hard work. Miranda.
  • Mr Fitzgerald ago
    Hi Miranda - thank you so much for dropping off Max's work, I have been really enjoying taking a look at it. I will be sending you a fuller email soon with some comments on Max's great achievements which I'd love for you to share with him! I have also now passed on Aya's work to Mr Friend too and I know that he will be thrilled to read her work too. Many thanks for your continued support at home - Mr Fitzgerald.
  • Charmaine ago
    Hi 👋 on today’s English do we just make up our own date or do we find it in the text? Thank you
  • Charmaine ago
    Good Afternoon, for the geography this week i dont know where PART 1 Question Sheet is. Thanks :)
  • Ms Mills ago
    Hi Charmaine, for the English you can just make up your own date that's fine. You can look at the date I have used on the example text for a rough idea. The Part 1 Information Pack and Questions are both uploaded to the website. The links are in the Geography section of the table of work. Hope this helps! Well done for working so hard, Charmaine. From Ms Mills.

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