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Good morning Year 2,

Hope you are all well.

You have already completed a week's work and we are very proud of you all. Some of you have sent in your work to the email address and we have really enjoyed this. You will now see there is a ' Year 2 Work Submission' form in this area (just look on the left hand side now) where you can upload any work you would like to receive feedback for. You can also comment below with any questions you have for your class teachers. But remember any technical issues still need to be emailed to

Keep up the fantastic work and know that we are very proud of you all.

Miss Gravestock, Miss Angus and Ms Browning 

  • Claire Page 1 year ago
    Morning, we can get into spellodrome without a problem but it won't allow us to log into mathletics, it goes into thinking mode when we I click onto the sign in button. I've tried going through the spellodrome and logging in on my phone but it does the same on both. I will try tonight on my husbands work laptop, it might just be our applemac which is playing up? Many thanks Claire
  • Elizabeth Smith 1 year ago
    Hello. I was looking at the RE task and it says watch the loom video but there's no link to a loom video. Also, we did the English lesson 1 today and read the story. Were we meant to do anything else with it as there were no tasks or further information set for it. Thank you.
  • Charlie Gray 1 year ago
    Please can the maths lesson 1 be re-loaded as it isn't working. Many thanks
  • Miss Angus 1 year ago
    Dear Mrs Smith, Thank you for your comment, the RE video clip that is required to complete the task is already there as a loom was not required to complete the task. It has been removed from the page. The children simply need to watch the video, discuss the seven days and then create a comic strip detailing each day. In regards to the English there is further details on their task on the page. It must have been missed off the upload. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I hope it is all clear now. Best wishes Miss Angus
  • Elizabeth Smith 11 months ago
    Hello. Thank you for the lovely assembly. It's great the kids can see each other and their teachers. There's a couple of broken links for this week's work: Maths 1 sheet and the Science Loom video. Also, can you let me know if the Friday assembly is happening (as it's a bank holiday). Thank you. Liz.
  • Julie Goldsworth 11 months ago
    The link for Y2 Maths Sheet 1 for w/c 4th May doesn’t seem to be working. Not for me anyway! Could someone take a look please. Many thanks.
  • Leanne Keleher 11 months ago
    Hi all, Unfortunately when I try to access Maths worksheet no 1, I get a 404 error page. The other worksheets are opening fine. Thanks for your help! Leanne
  • Susie Fraser 11 months ago
    Good morning I was just trying to print off the maths sheet for tomorrow morning but it says the link is not found and redirects me to the school website. All the other links are working for the week, just Day 1 is not. Please can you look into it - or let me know if it is just my computer! Many thanks, Susie
  • Mark Freeman 10 months ago
    Good morning Miss Angus, could you have a look at the link to Maths 1 as it doesn't seem to open. All the other Maths links are working OK.
  • Miss Gravestock 10 months ago
    Good morning. I hope you now have access to the maths sheets. Miss Allan, Miss Angus, Ms Browning and myself have all managed to find them so hope the glitch has now been sorted. Kind regards, Miss Gravestock
  • Melita 10 months ago
    Hello teachers, Willow Class Assembly is scheduled for Bank Holiday Friday, will that go ahead as planned? Many thanks, Melita
  • Oliver Davies 10 months ago
    Hi Miss Angus, Hope you are well. Oliver would really like the rest of his high frequency words to learn to spell while we are at home. Also, are there weekly spellings to learn? Thanks Claire
  • Hazel Kenyon 10 months ago
    Hello Miss Angus, The 'what the ladybird heard' poem is missing from the comprehension in week starting 20th April (unless I am missing it somewhere!). Could this be added? Thanks Hazel
  • Miss Angus 9 months ago
    Good Morning Year 2! Welcome back to our slightly different Summer Term! We hope you had a restful Easter with lots of chocolate eggs and are now ready to start work again this term. We are very excited to see what all of you produce in the next few weeks for us. We are very proud of everything you are doing so far and keep up the good work! You can also comment below with any questions you have for your class teachers. But remember any technical issues still need to be emailed to Miss Gravestock, Miss Angus and Ms Browning
  • Miss Angus 9 months ago
    Hi Oliver, It's wonderful to hear that you would like to complete your HFWs - you must be working really hard. We will try and upload them as soon as possible to the Year 2 area for you to practise spelling. Miss Angus
  • Miss Angus 9 months ago
    Hi Mrs Kenyon, We are looking into it and hope to get it uploaded as soon as possible. Thank you for letting us know. Kind Regards, Miss Angus
  • Miss Allan 9 months ago
    Hi Oliver and Mrs Page, I hope you have had an enjoyable Easter break. We have now added the HFW for you. You can find them in the Year 2 work timetable for this week, at the bottom, under 'useful documents'. The Year 2 'Common Exception Words' are also listed here too. Best wishes, Miss Allan
  • Miss Allan 9 months ago
    Hello Mrs Kenyon, The text is now online for you - sorry for the delay. We hope you and your family are all well and that you had an enjoyable Easter break. Best wishes, Miss Allan
  • Caroline 9 months ago
    I can't seem to find any activities for Alfie to do in Mathletics (Year 2 - Willow class) under the learn tab. All the activities seem to have disappeared? Kind regards Caroline
  • Miss Allan 9 months ago
    Good morning Mrs de Souza, I hope you are well. I have logged into Alfie's Mathletics area and you should now be able to see the topic areas listed on the screen when you are on the 'learn' tab. Please click on a topic and it will then display the activities associated with that topic for Alfie to complete. The 'play' tab will take Alfie to a maths game area and the 'explore' tab has guided videos ready to watch. I hope that helps. If you have any problems, please let me know. Best wishes, Miss Allan
  • Claire Page 9 months ago
    Hello Miss Angus Hope you are well. Would it be possible to please have the weekly spellings added to the work, Oliver has been practicing on the spellodrome (occasionally) but it would be helpful if we have set words each week if that's possible. Thank you
  • Oliver Davies 9 months ago
    We cannot access the History Loom video?
  • Lucy Allan 9 months ago
    Morning Oliver, Unfortunately, there was a problem with the loom videos this morning. The link should now be working for you. Best wishes, Miss Allan
  • Ms. Browning 9 months ago
    Morning, there appears to be a technical glitch with Loom videos today. I have now uploaded the History clip for this week without a password, so it should all be OK
  • Miss Angus 9 months ago
    Hello Mrs Page, With regard to the weekly spellings, we have attached the common exception words and HFW for Year 2, which are all of the words that the children need to know before the end of Year 2. If you would like to you could split them into groups and they can be learnt weekly. Hopefully this is useful. Best Wishes, Miss Angus
  • Julie Goldsworth 9 months ago
    Is it possible to have access to Spellodrome while we are at home?
  • Ms Browning 9 months ago
    Hello Mrs Goldsworth, Spellodrome and Mathletics are still accessible while the children are home-learning. The passwords are the same, both of which were given to the children whilst in Reception I believe. If you are unable to recall the password, please contact us again and I will endeavour to locate it for you. Take care, Ms. Browning
  • Charlie Smith 9 months ago
    Hello, I hope all are well at this school. Please can you check Maths Lesson 5 sheet as I think this is the one for English? Thanks
  • Hazel 9 months ago
    Hello, I hope you are all well. I think the Maths 5 sheet is incorrect as it's the same as the English lesson 5 writing task? Also, is there anyway of having all these sheets in a single download? Thank you Hazel
  • Leanne Keleher 9 months ago
    Hi All, Thank you for the lovely photo message for the kids - I can't wait to show this to Bethany in the morning, she will love it! Hope you are all well - thank you for the ongoing support online. Leanne
  • Claire Page 9 months ago
    Hello, we can't get into mathletics this morning. It tries to load with our log in and then shows the following message "Your account has been inactive, or accessed from another device. For security reasons, we have signed you out. If you would like to sign in again, just click below". I have tried a few times with the log in details, reopening the website on a new page etc. Would you be able to please have a look for us. Many thanks Claire
  • Julie Gravestock 9 months ago
    Good morning. I'm sorry you have had trouble accessing the sheets for English and Maths Lesson 5. I have just looked at Maths lesson 5 for this week and the worksheet has come up as Number Grid and the English lesson 5 sheet for this week has come up as a Question and Answer sheet. Perhaps try again and see if you can access it. The English lesson 5 work can be done in their books or on a piece of paper. Kind regards, Miss Gravestock
  • Miss Gravestock 9 months ago
    Thank you for your comments. The query about Mathletics has been passed to the Maths Co-Ordinator to investigate. We will try to minimise the number of sheets that we upload. Thank you for bearing with us during these strange times. Kind regards, Miss Gravestock
  • Lucy Allan 9 months ago
    Hello Mrs Page, There appears to be a problem with Mathletics today - not just your account. We have contacted our rep and they are looking into the problem. We hope to have this sorted as soon as possible. Thank you for letting us know. Best wishes, Miss Allan
  • Hazel Kenyon 9 months ago
    Thanks Miss Gravestock for fixing the Maths lesson 5 sheet!
  • amy 9 months ago
    Good morning, we can't seem to access any LOOM videos this morning, the science one worked ok yesterday. Many thanks Amy
  • Stella Browning 9 months ago
    Good morning, the systems were down this morning and we have been in contact with Loom. It appears to all be working now, but please if there are any further problems, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to rectify the problem as soon as we can. Kind regards, Ms. Browning
  • Harry Fraser 9 months ago
    Hi Miss Angus did you send in our nature pictures to be displayed at the Farnham Maltings for Alice Kettle's project please? I think we already did this but Mummy isn't sure if you sent them in? Thank you. Yours sincerely Harry
  • Miss Angus 9 months ago
    Hi Harry. Yes we have submitted all of the art work - we made sure that they were sent before the school closed. Thank you. Miss Angus
  • Claire Page 9 months ago
    Good morning, I'm still having problems accessing Mathletics. I've tried every day this week to log in but no success yet. Is there still a problem with this? Many thanks Claire Page
  • Miss Gravestock 9 months ago
    Good morning, Ms Page. I have emailed Miss Allan and she is going to try to login to Mathletics with your password. If she has no success then she will contact the rep. Sorry you are having trouble with this.
  • Miss Allan 9 months ago
    Good afternoon Mrs Page, I hope you are well. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with Oliver's mathletics account. Our rep sorted the problem earlier this week and everything should now be working. I have just logged into Oliver's account and can see and use everything. Please try again and if the problem still persists, I will ask the rep to look again. Best wishes, Miss Allan
  • Ms Browning 9 months ago
    Hello Mrs Scullard, yes, even though it is a Bank Holiday, all the Year 2 assemblies will all be going ahead on Friday at the normal times. Many thanks. Ms Browning
  • Lucy Allan 9 months ago
    Hello, if you are unable to upload the video through the submissions page, you can email it to me as an attachment. I will then send it on to Ms Browning for you - she will be delighted to see it. Please email Best wishes, Miss Allan
  • Susie Fraser 9 months ago
    Hi there Are all the Busy Ants sheets coming from the same book and if so, which one please? It uses so much ink having to print them all out, as this situation looks set to continue for at least a few more weeks it would be great if school can direct us to the correct pages for each lesson so we can just buy a whole book - cheaper and easier. Thanks, Susie
  • Miss Gravestock 9 months ago
    Good afternoon, Mrs Fraser. Thank you for the question. The Busy Ants book is by Collins and it is the 2C book you need to buy. Miss Gravestock
  • Susie Fraser 9 months ago
    Good morning Miss Gravestock. Thank you for your quick response. Apologies if this is high maintenance but could you please also ensure that the English papers are scanned in the correct way up? We are unable to rotate them on one of the old laptops we are using and it means we are frequently having to play musical chairs or do the work out of order etc. A small thing, but it would really help keep the peace and keep the children focussed! Many thanks in advance. Kind regards Susie
  • Miss Gravestock 9 months ago
    Good morning, Mrs Fraser. Thank you for your comment. On Sunday I checked that all the sheets were there for the children to access but forgot to check that they had been rotated the correct way up. I will remember to check that next time. Hopefully no more musical chairs! Best Wishes, Miss Gravestock
  • Caroline de Souza 9 months ago
    Hi, Alfie's timestable rockstars seems to include all timestables which he hasn't learnt yet so it's putting him off doing it when he goes into garage. Is there a way to do times tables with the timestables he has learnt to date? 1,2,3,5,10,11 and then once we've mastered these is there a way to include another one? I assume 4 x table would be next? Thanks Caroline
  • Ms. Browning 9 months ago
    Hello Mrs DeSouza, Thankyou for your query. Unfortunately we do not have access to program Times Tables Rockstars. I would suggest to Alfie that this is a good time to learn new times tables, a challenge as it were. Yes, 4x is the next on the list, then 6x then 8x leaving 7x till last. See if Alfie can spot any tricks to help him! I would be very impressed to here how he gets on with the new ones. Best wishes, Ms. Browning
  • Jaymini Green 8 months ago
    Hi All, hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. Having an issue with Mathletics: on the Time and Money block, we can't seem to move the hands on the clock faces, is this a glitch? Me? Thanks Jaymini
  • Amy 8 months ago
    Good evening, I am trying to submit a short video clip, but the system doesn't like it. Is there a specific format or gateway for video clips? Many thanks, Amy
  • Hazel Kenyon 8 months ago
    Hello! It looks like the Year 2 Lesson 2 Grammar sheet is missing from the uploads - please coudl you scan and add it for us? thank you!
  • Sarah Sitwell 8 months ago
    HI Please could you resubmit the grammar page for this week (8/6/20) the link is not working. Thanks so much, Sarah
  • Elizabeth Smith 7 months ago
    Hello. I've just been looking at the worksheets for this week and seen the Maths pages have been scanned separately instead of to one document. It means I have to print these separately on two pieces of paper instead of printing on both sides of one. I prefer to print them as I don't want Adam looking at a screen all the time. Any chance they can be in one document to save paper? It's also easier to view on screen (it was quite tricky doing Mountain Mona the other week, I had to have a tab open for each page). Thank you.
  • Claire Page 7 months ago
    Hi I was just wondering if there is a problem with some of the emails being received for the new year 3 class lists as we still haven't received one and the majority of our class have? I have however received an email for my son who's starting reception in September so unsure why we haven't received one for Oliver? Would be very grateful if someone could please let me know as soon as possible. Many thanks Mrs Page
  • Elizabeth Smith 7 months ago
    Hello. Can you let me know where to find instructions for using the Fraction Target board and Fraction strips recording sheet. Adam's keen to play the Target board game but we don't know what to do. thank you.
  • Mrs Moore 4 months ago
    The grammar page has now been uploaded and also a science task. Best wishes, Mrs Moore
  • Mr Munns 4 months ago
    Dear all, it has come to my attention that there is a glitch with the clock hands on Mathletics. Unfortunately, I am unable to solve the issue as this is dealt with directly by Mathletics. Please continue to use the other Mathletics tools that are functioning as expected. Best wishes, Mr Munns
  • Mr Munns 4 months ago
    Dear all, video clips can be submitted via attachment in the same way as other work submissions. If the file is very large in size, it might not be possible to submit via email. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Mr Munns
  • Mr Munns 4 months ago
    Dear all, the grammar attachment within this week's table of learning appears to be functioning as expected. I hope that you are now able to access this learning material. Best wishes, Mr Munns
  • Mr Munns 4 months ago
    Dear Mrs Smith, Thank you very much for your query regarding the fraction strips recording sheet and fraction target board. Regarding the fraction strips recording sheet, the focus is on doubling and halving to complete the table with clear links to the 2 x table and corresponding division facts. You do not actually need any strips of paper to complete this activity but you might wish to create some as a visual aid. Regarding the fraction target board, the focus is on recognising that one half is greater or more valuable than one quarter. Playing the game: roll a dice with the aim of it finishing and resting in the centre of the board on 1. Take it in turns to roll the dice and record where the dice finishes (0 = off the board, 1/4 = within that ring, 1/2 = within that ring and 1 = centre circle). Play as many rounds as you like. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Mr Munns

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