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Good morning Year 1,

Hope you are all well.

You have already completed a week's work and we are very proud of you all. Some of you have sent in your work to the email address and we have really enjoyed this. You will now see there is a ' Year 1 Work Submission' form in this area (just look on the left hand side now) where you can upload any work you would like to receive feedback for. You can also comment below with any questions you have for your class teachers. But remember any technical issues still need to be emailed to

Keep up the fantastic work and know that we are very proud of you all.

Miss Romp, Miss Terry and Miss Nutbeen

  • Seb hills 5 months ago
    Hi, do we have access to times tables rockstars? Thanks
  • Miss Terry 4 months ago
    Hi Sebby, Your times tables Rockstar login is the same as your matheletics and spellodrome which is stuck on the inside of the exercise book I gave you. I hope this helps.
  • Emily Cheeseman 4 months ago
    Hi there, struggling to find the listed module for the recorder practice on the surreyartsinteractive website. Is it possible to get more detailed instructions for accessing it? Or suggest an alternative, we've found Lazy Crazy Kangaroo to learn B but not Beach Bongo. Thank you and best wishes, Emily
  • Miss Terry 4 months ago
    Hi Mrs Cheeseman, When you login, near the top of the page there should be a tab saying 'Recorder World' you can then move around different countries 1-10 to learn the different notes. Try this link: It will hopefully take you straight to it. Miss Terry
  • kate stone 4 months ago
    Hope you had a nice break. It would be really useful to get a bit more information on what is required for the poem (black horse, magic horse) w/c 20. A lot of parents are confused by what is required. Perhaps a short video to explain what we are meant to get the children to do? It may also help to encourage the children to actually do it when they see their teacher.
  • Miss Terry 4 months ago
    Good morning! I will film a loom video that will be uploaded to the subject area later today. As of next week Maths and English will have a supporting video attached with an overview of what is expected that week. I hope this helps.
  • Eva bryant 3 months ago
    Thank you for the video of Black horse - helped massively!!
  • Miss Terry 3 months ago
    You're very welcome!
  • Becky Hosking 3 months ago
    Thank you for the loom videos at the start of this week. They are brilliant to introduce the topics and explain the tasks well. Has given good focus to start the week.
  • Eva Bryant 3 months ago
    Hello, On the maths worksheet 'maths 2 ext', we can't read the notes at the bottom of the page so a bit unsure what to do. thanks
  • Miss Romp 3 months ago
    Hello Mrs Bryant, for maths 2 ext your child needs to first of all order the object. In order from the objects that will hold the least to the objects that will hold the most. For the second part of the activity your child can think about which they think will be better to measure how much is in the object. For example would it be better to measure the amount in the fish bowl with a cup or a bucket? I hope this helps. If not let me know. Best wishes, Miss Romp
  • Rebecca Garner 3 months ago
    Hi Everyone, it was good to see everyone on the class assembly today. There are a few things with the technology that Pear class discovered that I thought I would share here... We had several people waiting to be accepted into the meeting after it had started - would it be possible for the teachers to please check regularly so no one misses out. We will make sure that we are there promptly for the start of the assembly. We realised that most of our account display names were in the parents name, which meant that it must have been very difficult for Mr Munns to identify who was on the call - we will change the display names to the child’s name for the assembly next week to make it easier for you! We had a few children who were disappointed that they didn’t get to talk to the class when they had their hands up. We appreciate that there is probably not time to get round everyone, so would be grateful if those who didn’t get chance this week, could please have a chance next week. Really lovely to have some virtual face to face time with the class - thank you!
  • Mr Munns 3 months ago
    Hello Mrs Garner, Thank you for your feedback regarding the class assemblies. All class teachers are going to log on five minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start in order to admit everyone, who is waiting in the lobby, to join the meeting. It will certainly be very helpful having all the children's names displayed on screen going forward. We will definitely endeavour to hear as many children as possible during each class assembly. It was wonderful to see all the children's smiley faces on Tuesday afternoon and we are already looking forward to future virtual class assemblies. Thank you once again for your useful feedback as we all want the assemblies to run as smoothly as possible.
  • Laura Eeles 3 months ago
    Hi - I think the foundation topics that are showing for w/c 11 May are repeats? Barney bear and sewing (I think these were what we did in the first week). Can you confirm what the children should be covering this week? Thank you so much for all the loom videos that are up - they are so helpful and wonderful for the children to see you! Laura
  • Mr Munns 3 months ago
    Morning Mrs Eeles, Thank you for your query regarding this week's foundation subjects. The first geography activity was filling in a passport. This week's activity is writing a diary entry. They are based around the same topic of travelling. Regarding Art/DT, this week is a continuation of the previous week's activity with the ongoing opportunity to enter some further artwork into the competition. I hope this all makes sense.
  • Laura Eeles 3 months ago
    OK thanks Mr Munns - I never was very good at reading the question properly!
  • Mr Munns 3 months ago
    Dear all, It has come to my attention that the extension activity for Maths 2 this week (Maths 2 Extra) does not have detailed instructions at the bottom of the worksheet. In essence, the children are learning to use doubles to support their adding of numbers. For example, 6 + 8 would become 6 + 6 + 2 which would become 12 + 2 which would finally become 14. The activity requires the children to double the smaller number in the addition calculation as an initial step before finding the final solution. I hope this helps.
  • Emily Cheeseman 3 months ago
    Hi there, I think there could be an incorrect link in the senses section for w/c 18th May. The all about senses and the questions both lead to the comprehension questions. I couldn’t find the text referenced. Apologies if looking in wrong place! Cheers, Emily
  • Mr Munns 3 months ago
    Good morning, It has come to my attention that two of the English links lead to the same set of comprehension questions. The ‘All about My Senses’ slideshow (text for this week) is included in Miss Romp’s loom video but not currently as a stand-alone document. I am going to add a separate pdf version in the Year 1 weekly table of learning for everyone’s ease. Best wishes, Mr Munns
  • sarah hills 3 months ago
    Hi, I cant seem to get the PHSE loom video to work. Please could you check/reload it. Thanks
  • Mr Munns 3 months ago
    Dear Mrs Hills, Thank you very much for letting us know. I have just checked and been able to open the PSHE & Citizenship loom video for this week's learning. It appears to be functioning well. I hope you are now able to access the video. If not, the written details in the weekly table of learning explain the main activity. Best wishes, Mr Munns

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