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If you are able to have a ZOOM call with friends, try out one of these suggestions: 


  1. Charades - agree on a theme (animals, transportation, mini-beasts, sea creatures etc). Take turns acting and guessing.
  2. Side by side play -  Set up the same table activity (i.e. playdough, lego, hama beads, colouring) and encourage the children to show each other their creations whilst playing.
  3. Challenge – Give yourself plenty of room and challenge each other to complete the same tasks (on one leg while touching your nose, spin 3 times then touch your toes etc.)
  4. Show and Tell – Find 3 or more things you would like to share with your friend. Take turns showing each other your favourite items.
  5. Tea Party – Set up tea and snacks. Invite your favourite soft toys and a Zoom friend.
  6. Musical Statues: Take turns choosing songs for your dance party then freeze like a statue when the music stops. 
  7. Story time – Share your favourite books or write and act out a new story together.
  8. Rock Concert – Gather your instruments and a microphone and have a concert.
  9. Scavenger Hunt – Race your friend to quickly gather the items on the list (e.g.– soft toy, shiny object, sock, piece of fruit).
  10. I-Spy: Have each child choose something in the other’s background to find. You can switch rooms to make it more interesting.