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Meetings and Communications

The PFA hold a more formal regular meeting every half term during an evening 8-9pm. Mrs Donnachie chairs this meeting.  It is attended by the Secretary, Treasurer and other committee members.  This meeting is held in the Staff room (opposite the Pink Library).

There is always tea and coffee available and you will have the opportunity to discuss an agenda point and make your contribution.  Some fear that if they turn up at a meeting they will end up being given some huge task, project or job to do!  Nobody is made to do anything they don’t want to do or don’t feel comfortable doing!  Some feel happier buddying up with another parent to take on a task – this is a great idea and a great way of making things more fun and inclusive.

We realise that the evening meetings may not suit every parent/carer, so if you have an idea or suggestion, please do contact us at any point via the PFA email address:

The PFA also publish a newsletter each half term. A  copy is distributed via your class reps and sent to all the email addresses registered on Parentpay (Platform). They are all available to view from the PFA home page on the website too.

You will find all PFA information on the school noticeboards (blue boards by the two external school gates).

If you want to ask a question or submit ideas, please contact us via

Or please do come along to a meeting – we would love to see you.


Your support in donating to various initiatives and volunteering and attending fundraising events is very generous and much appreciated.

Every half hour you spend volunteering and every 50p you spend helps to make a difference.

Additionally, we are always happy to hear about new ideas and welcome any support. We are a relatively small group of people, so just a little of your time would go a long way to help us.