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How do I get involved?

As a parent, friend or carer of a child/children in South Farnham School, you are part of our Parent and Friends Association.  By attending events and donating the odd cake, bottle or sweetie jar, you are already supporting us. Everything you send into school is utilised and appreciated.

There are many other ways to help.

There are always opportunities to help run stalls at our Christmas and Summer Fairs. Children tend to volunteer themselves and families within their classes – but there is a rota so please find some time to volunteer. Every little bit helps - if more of us parents/friends and carers would volunteer to help stack chairs, count money, put up/take down gazebos, pick up rubbish etc it would mean that the workload could really be shared.

Helping at fundraising events is a great opportunity to get to know other parents and their children. You’ll also get to know your child’s teacher better and see how hard all the teachers work behind the scenes. Although occasionally embarrassed (!) most children love to know you are taking an interest and sharing their school experience.

You will be amazed at what skills you can pick up! The PFA do so many things in the name of fundraising – from booking in Father Christmas, to weeding around the school, to inventing new games for fairs, to designing posters, to managing a team of people to deliver a top notch event.  If you’ve had a break from work it’s a great way to enhance your CV.

It’s fun and it’s rewarding so why not get involved?

We understand many of you simply do not have the time to support us but may be able to make a monetary donation for which we are also very grateful.  We are a highly efficient charity, with NO paid volunteers and minimal expenses , so you can be sure that your money goes straight into the pot to fund our next contribution to the children’s education.