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RHS Gardening Training

Last night there were 14 participants including teachers and teaching assistants from both sites and parents who support the school with maintaining the gardens and helping out with learning in the classroom.

It was a really informative, enjoyable, hands-on experience where we learnt to plan what to sow this season in the school gardens, identify weeds, propagate willow and African violets (please see Mrs McCready’s imaginative leaf cuttings!).

Most importantly the evening brought together like-minded individuals from the staff and parents who do an enormous amount to bring gardening into the curriculum and enrich learning. We shared ideas and made links. Mrs Fuller and I will now be working on a whole school gardening calendar to help consolidate everything we do and plan for yearly gardening opportunities.

Chris our trainer was excellent and everyone came away having learnt a new skill.

  • RHS Infants 4

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    RHS Infants 4
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    RHS Infants 3
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    RHS Infants 2
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    RHS Infants 1