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Resources to help with transition

Task headline

Description of task

Letter to new teacher

Your task is to write a letter with the purpose of introducing yourself to your new teachers in secondary school.

As your future teachers, no matter who they might be or whether you know who it is yet, they will be just as interested and excited to get to know you as we were.
I would recommend making some notes, before you begin writing, about all the different things about yourself you would like to talk about. For example; you may want to tell them about your previous schools, your hobbies and interests, your achievements, what you hope to achieve in the future, what you enjoy while at school and feel you are good at, the areas you would like to improve….
These notes will help you to structure your letter.

Think about the letters we have written throughout the year. Each time we have aimed to capture the reader’s attention, inform them and pose questions to them. Those same skills can be applied to this letter.

Paragraph 1: Purpose of writing
Paragraph 2: Summary of yourself
Paragraph 3: What you enjoy at school
Paragraph 4: Hobbies and interests
Paragraph 5: What they are looking forward to and any questions


Your task is to write a poem with the purpose of conveying your memories about school and your childhood.

Poems are opportunities to explore and experiment. They come in a huge array of different forms, it is an opportunity for expression.

We would recommend making some notes, before you begin writing, about the different memories you may want to write about. Once you have chosen some memories; expand on them. What can you see, hear, smell, feel, touch? How does the memory make you feel emotionally? Do you look back on it fondly? Would you want to create more memories like these? What did you learn from this moment? Why do you think you remember this moment specifically? Rather than a specific memory you may wish to write about the over-arching idea of memory. These notes will help you structure the different verses/stanzas of you poem.

Think about the poems you have read – they are all structured differently. You should pursue whatever structure you feel comfortable with when writing your own poem.



Below are some PowerPoint lessons  that introduce concepts that you will be exposed to at secondary school.





Time capsule

Write about their favourite memories and future ambitions/concerns about secondary school .  First step is to create the box (2D shape net - linked to Maths). You can then draw and cut out your favourite things to add to the time capsule.



Discussion of hopes and fears for Secondary School and how to positively manage any challenges you might face. 

Your task is to write a note to yourself to open on the morning of their first day to reassure yourself.

What are you most nervous about? 

What strategies can you use to help yourself today? 


Create a word art picture split into two halves. One half with your fond memories of your primary school and the other with the things you are excited about at your new secondary school. 

Literacy Trust transition resources


Literacy Trust have teamed up with Voice 21 to create a project to prepare pupils for their transition to secondary school and the next chapter of their educational journey. Pupils heading to Year 7 need growing confidence, strong language skills and the ability to express themselves, to develop their thinking skills and to communicate effectively. This resource uses the moving and relevant environmental message of This Morning I Met a Whale by Michael Morpurgo to put oracy at the heart of transition: prompting high-quality discussion, developing skills such as questioning, clarifying and summarising and building confidence in verbal presentation.


Literacy Trust transition resources


The resource has been designed to to be flexible. You can dip in, read the book as a class reader, select as many of the activities as you wish in the time you have, or immerse yourself in the whole project to enjoy the summer term in the company of cosmic heroes and characters both real and imaginary. The project seeks to support both academic and pastoral transition as you, just like Liam in the story, face the daunting and exciting challenge of growing up and taking the next steps in your learning journey.


Literacy Trust transition resources

Literacy Trust have developed a literacy-based series of ideas and strategies to build bridges in shared knowledge and expectation between schools to support smooth academic transition in literacy. This resource straddles summer term for Year 6 and the first few weeks of autumn for Year 7. They have also provided PDFs of some of the key pages from the book for schools that are unable to source their own copies.


The Greatest Teacher for me!


If you could have anybody in the world to be your teacher at your new school, what would that be like? You can choose anybody or make someone up. The only criteria is that you would really like this person to be your teacher.

Draw a picture?

Label their qualities.

Passport creation


Create your own passport detailing the following facts:

What I want you to know about me?

I learn best when...

Goals I want to achieve....

What am I proud of?

Starting secondary school